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TCThermocouple-Dedicated Connector

Thermocouple-dedicated connector

The thermocouple connectors, "TWINTOR," are our original products, and there are no other products like these in Japan. The “TWINTOR” connectors adopt JIS Standard colors. Users can use a thermocouple, connector, and extension and compensating cable for thermocouples in the same color; this means that the “TWINTOR” connectors are super heat-resistant connectors that help to prevent problems such as wrong wiring and that ensure safe use by all users. We, as a manufacturer dedicated to supplying extension and compensating cables for thermocouples and duplex insulated thermocouple wire, utilizing our knowledge and technology of measuring thermoelectric temperature that we have accumulated over years, have developed the above thermocouple connectors to facilitate the easy use of thermocouples. "TWINTOR" is a registered trademark of our company.

TE Connectivity社の熱電対専用コネクタ(Kタイプ)The thermocouple connector (K type) TE Connectivity manufactured by TE Connectivity uses the spring-clamp terminal for quick, sure connection between the thermocouple and extension and compensating cables for thermocouples. Because it uses a push-on lock that clicks into place, it dramatically improves the workability, while at the same time achieving the high reliability.

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