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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Policy

Basic Policy
We of Ninomiya Electric Wire Co., Ltd. know that environmental protection is crucially important in the production of specialty wires and other products. Therefore, to ensure the wise use of resources, we contribute to sustainability by gathering our employees’ ideas. We also strive to ensure customer satisfaction and a healthy, prosperous lifestyle for our employees.
Code of
  • 1. We recognize the need for environmental conservation, observe the standards stipulated by laws and regulations, and prevent environmental pollution.
  • 2. We strive to satisfy our customers and reduce the burden on our employees by promoting eco-friendly corporate activities.
    • 1. Development, manufacturing, sale and service provision of eco-friendly products
      ・Development, manufacture and sale of electric wires using inorganic insulator, etc.
      ・Improving the recycling rate of auxiliary materials
    • 2. Reducing the environmental loads and implementing 5S
      ・Improved efficiency without overwork, waste and inconsistency
      ・Energy-conservation programs, waste reduction and factory cleanup
  • 3. Through the introduction of an environmental management system, we’ll incorporate an “environmental perspective” into our management and strive for continuous improvement.
  • 4. We comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements upon which we have agreed. We do our utmost to meet our partners’ needs.
  • 5. We make sure all employees understand the Policy and take action to achieve it. We also disclose our policy to those outside the company at the request.

Obtaining EcoStage Certification


Certification level: EcoStage 1
Certification no.: EST-652
Date of certification: February 23, 2012

General Incorporated Association EcoStage