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    Privacy Policy

    Code of Conduct on Personal Information Protection
    Ninomiya Electric Wire Co., Ltd. ("the Company") promotes the protection of personal information by establishing the personal protection policy as shown below. The Company also has built a mechanism for protecting personal information and ensures that its employees understand the importance of protecting personal information.
    Matters Concerning Disclosure of Purpose of Usage of Personal Information
    1. We appropriately manage personal information by clarifying the system for managing personal information and the personnel in charge of it.
    2. We treat personal information through legal and fair means, clarifying the purposes and scopes of its collection, use and provision.
    3. In order to protect personal information, we build an appropriate and best management system to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of information. In the unlikely event of such an occurrence, we will respond quickly.
    4. When the handling of personal information is outsourced to our partner companies, it will be done under the strict control of our company.
    5. Upon implementing the compliance program for personal information protection, we comply with applicable laws, regulations and rules.
    6. We’ll continuously review and improve our compliance program for personal information protection in light of changes in social and environmental conditions.
    Inquiries on Personal Information Protection:
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    252-0206 Japan
    Tel.: 042-753-4151
    Fax: 042-753-4460

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