Ninomiya Electric Wire Ninomiya Electric Wire Co.,Ltd.60th Anniversary

About Ninomiya

From Familiar Things to the State-of-the-Art Industries “There is Always Ninomiya
Between Heat and the Instrument”

As a manufacturer specializing in specialty wires, Ninomiya Electric Wire Co., Ltd. manufactures specialty wires that can be adapted to various usage conditions. Our strength lies particularly in the manufacture of compensating lead wires and coated thermocouples required for temperature measurement, and heat-resistant wires used in harsh environments having extremely high or low temperature, providing highly functional products to the world.

Our products are used in a wide variety of fields where the temperature measurement is required from retail and food and beverage industries that are close to our daily living to R & D institutions and various manufacturing industries such as electricity, automobiles, steel, electronic components, semiconductors, chemicals and aerospace.

As quality control becomes more stringent in all fields of industry, even more advanced temperature measurement technology will be required in the future.

As a “manufacturer specializing in specialty wires that controls heat and expands possibilities,”we’ll continue to serve as a company on which customers can rely for the next fifty to a hundred years, contributing widely to the industrial world.

Small Lots / Wide Variety / Stable Quality
in a Short Delivery Time

Adhering to the customer-first principle and respond to their diverse needs

  • Tech-Savvy Sales Staffs

    Our sales staffs who have a deep understanding of technology will respond to inquiries from our customers. Our greatest strength is that we can provide our customers with a wide variety of products in small lots with stable quality in a short delivery time. Please contact us for any requests.

  • Providing Detailed Consultation

    In addition to presenting samples of standard products, we also accept custom orders according to the customer requests. As required, our technical staffs conduct a detailed consultation on product applications and service conditions.

  • Manufacturing Products at a Single Base

    At our company, where the head office functions and manufacturing site are integrated into one, employees can work closely together. When manufacturing products, sales and technical staffs take customer requirements into consideration and manufacture products while at the same time managing the quality and production progress.

  • Proposing High Quality Products with a Short Delivery Time

    Making the most of our advanced technological capability, we propose made-to-order products with a short delivery time. The quality of our products, which we have cultivated over time as a “professional group of temperature measurement,” is highly regarded by many customers.

Integrating Sales, Manufacturing and Head Office Functions into a Single Base.
This Sense of Unity is the Source of the “Ninomiya Quality”

Respond promptly to customer requests.
Continue to dig deeper into technology by thoroughly sharing our “knowledge” on manufacturing.
In order to maintain such an attitude, we are integrating sales, manufacturing and head office functions into a single base.
We strive to reach even higher levels by deepening our conscientious minds toward manufacturing and developing our personnel who will bear the next generation.