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CONNECTORThermocouple-Dedicated Connector

Thermocouple Connector (K type) – TE Connectivity

The thermocouple connector (K type) TE Connectivity manufactured by TE Connectivity uses the spring-clamp terminal for quick, sure connection between the thermocouple and compensating lead wire. Because it uses a push-on lock that clicks into place, it dramatically improves the workability, while at the same time achieving the high reliability.

  • 2-pole connector for K-type thermocouples (pos.: chromel; neg.: alumel)
  • The spring-clamp terminal improves the readiness of connection between the thermocouple and compensating lead wire.
  • It uses a push-on lock that clicks into place.
  • Compact, highly reliable design.
  • Supports IP20.
  • It uses a metal lock and lock button shape that prevents accidental disconnection after fitting.
  • Free-hanging mounting type and panel mounting type are available.

TE Thermocouple Connector K-Type 2pos

RECE Connector (common) TE model 1-2299959-1

Tab Connector (free-hanging) TE model 1-2299960-1

Tab Connector (panel mounting) TE model 2-2299960-1

Spring Terminal Opener TE model 2295226-1

Strain Relief for Fixing Cables TE model 2295205-1

Grommets for Fixing Cables TE model 2295225-1
Item Product Specifications
Thermocouple Type K type
Number of Poles 2 Pos
Operating Temperature -20°C – 220°C *Note 1
Material Contact Pos.: chromel; neg.: alumel
Housing Thermoplastic resin Yellow
Strain Relief Stainless steel
Wire Connection Method Spring Terminal
Applied Wire Size AWG#32 – #20

*Note 1 When using the connector continuously at the operating temperature ranging 150-220°C, the wire can’t be reconnected or reused.

The excellent workability of the spring-clamp terminal concept can be seen in the video.

Thermocouple Connector K-Type − TE Connectivity