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TEWExtension and Compensating Cables for Thermocouples

Max. operating temp:180℃

Paired Round FEP Insulated/Silicone-rubber Sheathed Extension and Compensating Cables for Thermocouples

We provide flexible extension and compensating cables for thermocouples, consisting of a pair of conductors individually insulated with FEP, a fluorine resin, twisted together, and then sheathed with silicone rubber. They are suitable for applications that require flexible cables or cableveyors in high-temperature environments where vinyl cannot be used.

  • KX type: (+) = Nickel chrome alloy (Chromel), (-) = Nickel alloy (Alumel), compliant with JIS C1610
  • NX type: (+) = Nickel chrome alloy, (-) = Nickel silicone alloy, compliant with JIS C1610
  • W/Re5-26 (tungsten rhenium) type: (+) = Special alloy (Chromel), (-) = Special alloy
  • Conductors are individually sheathed with FEP, a fluorine resin with excellent resistance to heat and chemicals, electrical characteristics, and other properties.
Pair twisting
  • A pair of individually insulated extension and compensating cables for thermocouples is twisted together.
  • Each cable is sheathed with silicone rubber with excellent resistance to cold/heat and in flexibility.
  • KX type: (+) = red, (-) = white, sheath = blue, compliant with Category-2 colors defined by JIS C1610-1995
  • NX type: (+) = pink, (-) = white, sheath = pink, compliant with the Category-1 colors defined by JIS C1610-1995
  • W/Re5-26 type: (+) = green, (-) = red, sheath = red, compliant with the ASTM-E230-02(CX) colors
Operating temperature range
  • -55~180℃
Nominal cross-sectional area Type Conductor Insulation Pair Sheath Standard Max length Estimated weight
Composition Outside diameter Outside diameter Outside diameter Thickness Thickness Outside diameter
mm2 Pcs/mm mm mm mm mm mm mm m kg/km
0.15 20/0.1 x1P
20/0.1 0.52 0.3 1.1 2.2 0.9 4.0 1,000 20
0.15 20/0.1 x1P
20/0.1 0.52 0.3 1.1 2.2 0.9 4.0 1,000 20
0.22 20/0.12 x1P
20/0.1 0.62 0.3 1.2 2.4 0.9 4.2 1,000 21

In addition to paired cables, we can make multi-pair cables. Please consult us.
The estimated weights represent calculated values for reference purposes, which do not include the weight of the drum.
*Please feel free to contact our Sales Department for custom-made products not listed above.