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TCWDuplex Insulated Thermocouple Wire

Duplex Insulated Silica-glass-yarn Braided Thermocouple Wire

Max. operating temp:400℃
*Resistant to short-term overheating

We provide flat duplex insulated high-heat-resistance thermocouple wire consisting of a pair of conductors individually silica-glass-yarn insulated, silica-glass-yarn sheathed, and then covered with a (dark brown) polyimide coating. With excellent heat resistance and electrical insulating properties, they maintain excellent flexibility without degrading their strength even at temperatures close to the normal-use temperature limit.


Type Conductor Insulation Standard Max length Estimated weight
Outside diameter Outside diameter Outside diameter
mm mm mm m kg/km
0.32 x1P K-SLGB 0.32 0.9 1.6 x 2.3 100 8
0.65 x1P K-SLGB 0.65 1.4 2.3 x 3.4 100 16
1.0 x1P K-SLGB 1.0 1.8 2.7 x 4.3 100 25

*Operating Temperatures

Conductor diameter Normal-use temperature limit Overheating temperature limit
0.32 400 500
0.65 400 600
1.0 400 600

If required, wire can be protectively braided (to protect the wire surface from damage).
Protective braid type: SOS – Protective stainless-wire braid
We can also make products of Tolerance Class 1.
Please feel free to contact us for custom-made products not listed above.