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NSProcessed products

Thin-film Surface Thermocouple NS series

Upper temperature limit*

Features of NS series

  • Type
    K thermocouple
    Two types are available: The general type and the high-temperature resistant type.
    Regarding the size of the thin-film part, two types are also available: The standard type and the miniature type.
    T thermocouple
    Only the general type is available.
    Regarding the size of the thin-film part, only the miniature type is available.
  • The three features of the thin-film surface thermocouple, the insulation of which is ultrathin film, are as follows:
    1. More accurate and stable temperature measurement
    2. Stress-free and prompt thermal responsiveness
    3. A hot junction with a wide contact area
  • Upper temperature limit
    General type: Temperatures up to 200℃ can be measured.
    High-temperature resistant type: Temperatures up to 300℃ can be measured since this type uses adhesive-free polyimide film as the insulation for the hot junction. (Please note that the upper temperature limit of the lead wire is 260℃.) Minimal outgases are generated.
  • The hot junction is one terminal of a duplex insulated thermocouple wire which is an optimal length for use. Therefore, there is no need to prepare another lead wire.
  • Duplex insulated thermocouple wire insulated with fluorine resin (PFA), is resistant to heat up to 260℃ and excels in chemical resistance. Furthermore, a twist pair configuration reduces the noise caused by electromagnetic induction.
  • In response to customers’ requirements, we can also offer thin-film surface thermocouples with one special terminal, such as a bare terminal, a terminal with a thermocouple connector (our original product “TWINTOR”), and a Y terminal. We can also offer thin-film surface thermocouples, such as one with an uninsulated hot junction.

We can provide cut samples of products.
For cut samples, please contact Matsui, Sales Department.

Product outline drawings (examples)

K thermocouple: General-type, standard size, bare terminal
K thermocouple: General-type, miniature size, connector
T thermocouple: General-type, miniature size, Y terminal
K thermocouple: High-temperature resistant type, standard size, connector
K thermocouple: High-temperature resistant type, miniature size, Y terminal

Product specifications

K thermocouple T thermocouple
General type High-temperature resistant type General type
Standard Miniature Standard Miniature Miniature
Size of the thin-film part Approx. 20 x 10 Approx. 14 x 10 Approx. 17 x 10 Approx. 10 x 10 Approx. 14 x 10
Size of the thin-film part Approx. 0.15 <- Approx. 0.1 <- Approx. 0.15
Strand diameter of the lead wire 0.2 <- 0.2 <- 0.2
Standard overall diameter of the lead wire Approx. 0.9 <- Approx. 0.9 <- Approx. 0.9
Lead wire length Specified length <- Specified length <- Specified length
Measurement temperature 200℃ 200℃ 300℃ 300℃ 200℃

Unit = mm

Unit = mm *The high-temperature resistant type has a non-fused and protected part (refer to the above drawings).
The maximum operating temperature of the lead part is 260℃.

How to Apply Product Symbols

  1. Select the grade/sheet size

    NSP: Standard size for general use / NSV: Standard size for high temperatures
    NSMP: Miniature size for general use / NSMV: Miniature size for high temperatures

  2. Select the thermocouple type

    K: Type K thermocouple
    T: Type T thermocouple (NSMH only)

  3. Select the terminal processing method

    N: Cut off and no processing afterward
    M: Exposed
    Y: With Y terminal (M4)

  4. Lead wire length

    Please specify the desired length. (Unit: mm)
    Please see the table below for the detailed specifications of the lead wires.

Lead wire specifications

Item Unit Standard/Composition Material/remarks
K thermocouple T thermocouple
Conductor Surface treatment DF treatment
Material Positive side Nickel-chromium alloy Copper
Negative side Nickel alloy Copper-nickel alloy
Composition Pcs/mm 1/0.2 1/0.2
Outside diameter mm Approx. 0.2 Approx. 0.2
Insulation Thickness mm Approx. 0.05 Approx. 0.05 Fluorine resin (PFA)
Outside diameter mm Approx. 0.3 Approx. 0.3
Identification (+) Red (-) Blue (+) Red (-) Brown
Twisted pair Outside diameter of the twisted pair mm Approx. 0.6 Approx. 0.6
Sheath Thickness mm Approx. 0.15 Approx. 0.15 Fluorine resin (PFA)
Outside diameter mm Approx. 0.9 Approx. 0.9
Identification Transparent Transparent
Standard overall diameter mm Approx. 0.9 Approx. 0.9
Electrical characteristics Reciprocating conductor resistance (20℃, standard) Ω/m 31.5 16.5 JIS C 1610
Insulation resistance (20℃, minimum) MΩ・km 1000 1000
Tolerance From -40℃ to less than +333℃ ±2.5
From -40℃ to less than +133℃/td>

From 333℃ to less than 1200℃ 0.0075×|t|
From 133℃ to less than 350℃ 0.0075×|t|
Standard thermal electromotive force at 100℃ μV 4096 4279 JIS C 1602

*Please feel free to contact our Sales Department for information such as product specifications, how to order, and unit selling prices.